Working Creatively

It might be important to say here that working with objects isn’t for everyone, and is usually an idea that I might only introduce with clients once we have been working together for a while. It isn’t in any way compulsory!

Using stones or pebbles in a therapy session can have many benefits for clients, but there isn’t a rulebook for how we use them - no right or wrong.

Pebbles & Stones

Holding a stone or pebble can help us stay grounded in the present moment, and can feel comforting at times of overwhelm. Holding a pebble might be enough for some clients - that’s ok.

It can be interesting to notice which stone or object we might be drawn to, and a great way to help us explore all kinds of relationship dynamics in our lives with gentle curiosity: the relationship we have with ourselves, family members, friendships or work colleagues.

Stacking Dolls

Nesting dolls might be used to explore questions around, "who am I?" We might be curious about what or who a doll represents for you - the 'you' that everyone sees, the 'you' that your family see, the 'you' that your friends might see, the 'you' that only you know.

Dolls might be used to represent the 'you' at different ages in your life. They might signify other people in your life, or symbolise a part that holds an emotion, or a part with a certain behaviour. They can be anything you want them to be.

If you choose to experiment with working in this way, it is important that we move gently and a pace that feels most comfortable for you.