About Me

Head shot of Beth Whiting - Counsellor / Therapist

Hi, I'm Beth. I am a qualified therapist, and I'm also an ordinary human being. I have flaws and make mistakes. I have encountered struggles and emotionally challenging times too.

I have considerable experience of being a client on my own therapeutic journey. My experiences of therapy continue to remind me to meet myself with kindness and self-compassion. Learning this 'go gently' approach is something I like to encourage with clients too as I believe it really supports the emergence of inner calm, self-acceptance, and healing.

I cannot know how it feels for you as it is your own unique experience, but I think it helps give me a sense of how it might feel for you to be 'in therapy' because I've been a client too.

Clients have told me that they feel supported by me, and understood. Knowing I'm there to witness their story and just 'be with' them with a gentle curiosity and acceptance, helps trust to gradually develop.

I'm friendly and compassionate, with a genuine care for all living beings - this includes my clients.

My personal life experiences and own therapy journey led me to take the first steps in my counselling training in 2014.

I worked as a counsellor for several years with a local charity counselling service seeing clients in person, then transitioning to seeing clients online when meeting face-to-face wasn't possible. I now see clients solely through my private practice.

I am supported by my love of nature, my two rescue cats, walking, and pottering in my garden. It is through my belief in the value of working relationally, and the support we can receive from being outside in green spaces, that I decided to take my therapy sessions outdoors for those who choose to, and are able to - and I offer online sessions for those choosing, or needing, to meet remotely.

Qualifications / Training / Professional Membership

I am a fully qualified Integrative Counsellor. This just means that I can tailor my approach in a way that respects and acknowledges your uniqueness, that there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Using different elements of different counselling approaches, we can work together to explore whatever you choose to talk about.

To continually develop and evolve as a therapist I access a wide variety of learning experiences each of which support me in my growth both personally and professionally.

I'm a registered member of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work in accordance with their Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions.

I'm registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) as a Data Controller. Registration number: ZB318982. Full details of how and why your records and other personal information are obtained and stored by me, can be found in my privacy notice.