Hello, I'm Beth, welcome to my website.

I provide one-to-one therapy to adults of any age. My intention is to offer an inclusive therapeutic environment; one which embraces diversity and celebrates individuality and uniqueness.

I offer outdoor / walk and talk counselling sessions in Worcester.

We can also meet for online sessions via Zoom video, which means we can work together even if we live far apart. If it feels ok for you, I'm also happy for us to move between meeting outdoors or online for your sessions.

How counselling can help you

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You may be struggling with anxiety, depression, or feeling sad. You might choose counselling due to a bereavement, or experiencing other loss. Sometimes people come to counselling to explore their identity - "who am I?" or they might want to talk about relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, or feelings of overwhelm or 'stuckness'.

My approach supports and celebrates the mind-body connection. You might just have a sense of not feeling ok that 'shows up' as a feeling, sensation, or change of energy felt somewhere in your body. As we listen to your spoken story, we might also pay gentle attention together to this 'felt sense' attached to your story and that your body might be holding.

Whatever is going on for you right now, you don't have to manage on your own. It can be especially hard to ask for help, and I always hold that in mind when someone reaches out to me to ask about therapy sessions. I'm mindful of how anxiety inducing it can be to meet with someone new, especially a therapist.

What I can help with

Clients may choose to come to me for counselling for many reasons, which might include:

What I can offer you and how we might work together

Whether we meet outdoors or online, my intention is to walk alongside you as a travel companion whilst you follow your own path through counselling. Sometimes, your path might take you to a place which feels difficult and scary. Before we rush down these pathways, it can be really important for us to spend time together exploring ways of discovering and connecting with inner and external resources that help to bring you feelings of calm and safety, especially at times of overwhelm.

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I am with you to listen and to offer a calm, friendly, and confidential space, that's just for you. I aim to listen without judgement and with an acceptance of you 'just as you are.'

I work relationally, where I encourage us both to pay attention to whatever emerges between us in our therapeutic relationship, and valuing that because it will all be valid! I won't tell you what to think or do. I won't give you advice. I foster a collaborative approach, where you have as much choice as possible. I will honour your protective behaviours, and encourage your inner 'no' and your inner 'I don't know'. I am a human first, a therapist second and I want to offer a space that stresses the importance of 'being' not 'doing'.

My approach is built on compassion and care. I provide a space for you to be heard, a place where healing can begin. As you move through your sessions, you may notice the parts of you that often feel especially anxious or worried begin to slowly and gently relax.

How long are our sessions

We meet weekly for 50-minute sessions, usually on the same day at the same time. I don’t routinely offer fortnightly sessions.

I don't place a limit on the number of sessions you can have with me. We'll review our work together on a regular basis as this gives us the opportunity to reflect on how you feel your sessions are going.

Please contact me with any questions or to ask about booking your first session - see 'Contact Me' for my details.